Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun day

“Yeah”. I said. As Mrs Nua told Room 20 that we were going to have a silly games day. We were going to play some silly games along with three other classes. We headed to the field and it was really muddy and I really didn’t want to play in the mud. Our first game was with our teacher Mrs Nua. We were put into four groups and then got started.

Mrs Nua explained to us how the game goes. Each group had a bucket with water in it a sponge and another bucket at the end of each group. What we had to do was the person in front had to put the sponge in the water and pass it to the person behind them around and that person had to pass under and so on, then the last person would run to the bucket away from them and squeeze the watery sponge. The group that can fill the bucket as much as they can are the winners.

When we finished the game we got on with the next game. This game included a slingshot and some balls. We had to put the ball into the slingshot and shoot it into one of the hoops on the field. It was quite a fun game for me, I did my best I could and I nearly got a shot but it went out.

The next game we did was a bit hard and really funny. We had to partner up with a buddy, stand together side by side, each of has to put (one leg ) together and tie a string around it. Then one of us hold a spoon with a ball on it, we race to the finish line with out falling down then race back to the start. This was a really hard game for but also was really funny.

Once this silly games session was over we were all tired. I had a great time playing all those fun activity’s and I hope we do this kind of thing again.

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  1. It was a lot of fun and something a little out of the ordinary. It's great to see you sequencing your writing so well. Don't forget to add in the interesting details when you are writing to really capture the moment for your audience.
    I am hoping to have a go at Ms T's slingshot at some stage.
    I hope you can find a photo or you could create a graphic to go with this.
    Well done
    Mrs Nua


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