Thursday, June 23, 2011

How computers got popular?

Computers have been so popular since 1975 till now.Did you know that early computers were people,will if you don’t now’s your time to find out.Early days computer was a originally a job tittle for women when they were working. In the early days women were always busy counting and doing a lot of mathematics and it was a very monotonous job.

At first people used their fingers for maths which explains why our number system is based on ten, some people used to scratch marks on trees to remember. Traders exchanged small pebbles to help them count the thing s they were trading. Then the abacus came out and it was used for counting and remembering the amount, the abacus was used for centuries.

Computers are now so popular around the whole world that it keeps making me wonder why are they so popular? I found out they are so popular because you can email or video chat your friends even if they are over seas. You can talk to family that are far away from you on skype. Computers are also popular because they also can help you learn, if you are doing a presentation on something you could always go to the Internet to find some information

Friday, June 10, 2011


“Yeah” I said. Room 20 were finally having some time out on our work and going outside and having a bit of p.e (netball). When we got a bit closer I noticed a lady standing there with a bag of balls. We then sat down and the lady introduced herself to us and her name was Emma our netball coach. Emma was here to teach us netball skills and how to play netball the proper way.

The first thing we were taught was throwing the ball properly.The first skill Emma told us was to hold the ball in a ‘W’ way and it didn’t matter if your fingers were touching or not touching, she also told us to make sure the was ball thrown from your chest long and strong.

Our final session was playing a game of netball!!! We were spilt into two teams. Half wore bibs and the other half didn’t. I was in the one that didn’t wear bibs. Finally the time came where we put our skills to the test and started our game. It was fun running around and trying to shoot the ball in the hoop. Our team got a few goals but I didn’t quite figure out who won.

I had so much fun learning how to play netball and I hope Emma will teach us some more skills and new games to play.