Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My creative name

Last week we went to our immersion class and my second class was room 22 ,Ms Tito. We were learning about creativity . We were told by Ms Tito to create our names and get images from the Internet and that was to be finished in a few minutes . As you can see my work above.

A stinging injection

“Excuse me Mrs Clarke ,may I please have Jane and Hajira”. Said Shaniah coming in to our maths class .I was wondering why Shaniah came for us. We saw a group of girls heading for the hall and we were following them. I suddenly remembered that we had a HPV injection.”OOOOHHH NOO”!!! I said with a groan.

As we went inside the hall fuaya we sat down waiting to go for our HPV injection . Our names were called out and we were given our forms . A lady called us and one by one went in to get their injection .My turn came and I was very scared because I didn’t like injections.

I sat down and the lady asked a me few questions while she was getting the needle ready. The time came and I was shaking like a drill .When she put the needle in my left arm it felt like a bee stinging me and I was about to let a scream out but I didn't.Suddenly a funny feeling went through my body and it felt very strange .

When the injection went out of my shoulder it really hurt that I couldn't lift my hand up. The lady told me that it would only hurt for one day. I went and sat down with the other girls where there was a movie on .All the girls were groaning about the pain and some girls were saying that ‘It felt nice I want to do it again’.

A lady called us for our times and checked it and we went back to our class. I was so glad that it was finally over .

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Devastating disaster

Yesterday at 3pm a tornado hit Auckland Albany North Shore unexpectedly .This was a terrifying site for the people of North Shore as the mean beast sucked up roofs of houses and uplifted vehicles. If you are wondering what it would feel like to be in a tornado ….well it’s not nice.