Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Badminton lessons

Today we had badminton. At first when I heard that we were doing badminton I didn’t know what  it was. As soon as we got to the hall we were told what badminton was. It was a sport where you have a shuttle and a racket and you need a partner to compete against, then you hit it to your partner and try not to let it hit the ground or go out anywhere else. It’s a bit like tennis.

The first thing we got on with were learning the basic skills about badminton. The first skill we learnt was how to hold the racket. Put the racket in your hand and make sure you hold it the right way. When you hold the shuttle, make sure you have the round bit at the bottom and the open bit at the top. So then you hit to your partner.

We then had a warm up exercise. We had to partner up with a buddy and get a shuttle and our partner had to hit to us and we had to put the racket in between our legs and hit it the shuttle to our partner, they had to do the same thing. It was quiet fun doing it but it was really hard.

Our skills were put to a game of badminton. It was really simple and easy. I was really exited about playing the actual game. I got a few hits, and I was really happy.

 Badminton was really fun and it was really fun learning
all the skills. Next time we play Badminton I hope pick up some more skills on the way