Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Character description My brother

This week we were learning how to describe a person in our writing and we had to choose a person in our family to describe, I chose my little brother Adam.

My little brother Adam, he has brownish hair and really dark brown
eyes that really like to stare. Fat cheeks that always get squeezed by my mum. He was born in New Zealand.

His favourite things are playing a lot. He love’s the colour yellow that he wants everything yellow, he doesn’t like talking at all that much he’s just into playing games, whenever we go somewhere he smiles at people that he doesn’t even know.


  1. What a lovely description of your brother Hajira. I like the way you included the interesting and special things about him. Was there a reason that he was the one in your family that you chose to describe?
    Mrs Nua

  2. nice description Hajira..innocent and giving a clear picture about your brother...


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