Thursday, April 14, 2011

The awesome picnic!!!

Brrring!!!! The bell went and we all rushed to line up to go to assembly for our picnic at Pt England reserve. Mr Burt gave us instructions on what to do when we got there , suddenly Mr Burt ,Mrs Jarman and Mr Jacobson started whispering. I was worried that the picnic would be canceled because of the weather but they weren’t talking about that .Mr Burt then told us that the toilets down at the reserve ,there was something wrong with them so he had to order some portable toilets .

FINALLY we arrived at PT England reserve and we found a nice place under the tree to put our bags . Jane and I were then gossiping , I got bored of sitting and talking there so me and Jane then went to get the Frisbee of my brother . “Your throwing it the wrong the way“ said Jane with laughter “NO you are “ I said . Both of us were having difficulties throwing the Frisbee
but we were also having so much fun.

“I’m hungry ,lets go have some morning tea “ said Jane .We were really hungry so we went to get something to eat. We went to the beach and I couldn't’t believe that Jane was scared of going down to the beach but then I forced her to come down.Lots of people were looking for crabs and I saw my brother playing in the water with his friends and his pants covered with mud and wet .”Oh no .What have you done “ I said to my brother .

After a while I went to the park and I was sitting on the edge of the park when Mrs George asked me if I wanted to take pictures for picnic movie.I said yes . She gave me her camera and of I went on my mission to take pictures . “Ooh take a picture of me. No me” said the children. I just ignored them and kept climbing the playground up to the really top. As I stood up the amount of children I saw was unbelievable. I took so many photos and I had so much fun too.

After a long and tiring day at the beach we went to school so stressed and my legs aching .
I had so much fun at the picnic and this was my last picnic at Pt England school.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear Mrs Nua

I am really thankful to you for encouraging me when I had difficulties doing something.You have been the most amazing teacher ever since I was 5 Years old in room 4.I would like to thank you once again for caring .YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
Yours faithfully Hajira xx oo