Monday, July 11, 2011

Fatu Feu'u art project

Every Wednesdays Miss M comes and does art with us. This term we are learning about two famous artists called Fatu Feu’u who is Samoan and Phillip Clairmont. We have been researching about their art and how they inspire other people. Room 20 have also been sketching some designs with Mrs M in the style of Fatu Feu’u , and we have practicing sketching the scared couch by Phillip Clairmont.

We were given a paper and there were four squares on the paper and we had to draw four designs in the style of Fatu Feu’u. Out of all the four designs we had to choose one pattern and draw it bigger, some of us just four designs and got it laminated. Once they were laminated we used wood cut knifes to cut out little pieces, then we stuck them on to canvas.

It was finally time to roll paint our designs and some of us were helping Miss M with roll paint and spray paint ,I was helping with sticking the designs on to the canvas. Mrs M called us outside to show us an example, she was rolling it first then she thought of spraying it over ,she sprayed it over with the colour green. Once it was finished it really looked nice and colourful, it also stood out.