Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Netbook Reflection

There are many reasons why having a netbook is good, like having easier access to google docs and sharing important docs to others. The best thing is that you can also create forms and email to your class and other people. Email is awesome for chatting to others and emailing talks, you can also attach photos to an email that your sending someone.

As much as I have loved having a Netbook there are some things that I haven’t liked, like not having my netbook when it was broken. Then once I turned it on and it wouldn’t bring up the log in screen. Internet connection taking to long to load, the mouse freezes. Folders getting lost.  

The hardest thing for me is being in the right place for the right information. So I don’t collect the wrong information from the wrong place.

If the Netbook Scheme failed and we had to go back to pencil and paper that would so boring because when we have a task and we have to collect information we would have to go one by one on the multimedia machines to find information.

Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Wondering Movie

This is my I am wondering animation about what I'm wondering about in space. You might be able to solve the questions. Have a great time watching the movie.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Awesome Tennis

“Line up room 20, were going to teneis”. Said my teacher Mrs Nua as we were getting ready to go to Tennis. “ I’m so excited about teneis”. I said to my friend Jane. She wasn’t so sure if she wanted to play, she was a bit scared.

As we went to the court yard there was another class that had just finished tennis. He introduced himself. We got on with learning the first thing, how to hold a racket the proper way. You had to put the racket on the ground and you put your hand on the top of the racket and make sure your thumb is on the top.That was easy. The next thing we learnt was bouncing the ball on the racket, that was kind of easy but lots of us couldn’t do it, it was like raining balls.

“STOP”!!! Said our coach. I was hoping that we would be playing the actual game of tennis but I was wrong. We were now on to another activity were we had to partner up in groups of twos.
One of us had to hold the racket which was me, and Jane ( my partner ) had to throw the ball to the ground and it would bounce to me and I had to hit it back to Jane. The first few times I couldn’t do it. But we did it once.

When we had finished our little activity our coach put us into groups of six to get ready to play a game of kings and Queens of the court. This is how the game goes: One person from the group has to stand on the other side of the net, the rest stay where there are. The group lines up and one person hits the ball to the other side if that goes out the person who hit goes to the back, but if the other person hits it back and it goes out they lose and they come and line up and the winner goes. So on and on.

I had so much fun learning to play tennis and I
hope I learn some more tricks and games.            

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Multiple Intelligences

Today we filled out a multiple intelligences form, to see which smarts we are. As you can see 
I am interpersonal smart which is people smart, I love to work with people. My musical smart is very low because I'm not into 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Badminton lessons

Today we had badminton. At first when I heard that we were doing badminton I didn’t know what  it was. As soon as we got to the hall we were told what badminton was. It was a sport where you have a shuttle and a racket and you need a partner to compete against, then you hit it to your partner and try not to let it hit the ground or go out anywhere else. It’s a bit like tennis.

The first thing we got on with were learning the basic skills about badminton. The first skill we learnt was how to hold the racket. Put the racket in your hand and make sure you hold it the right way. When you hold the shuttle, make sure you have the round bit at the bottom and the open bit at the top. So then you hit to your partner.

We then had a warm up exercise. We had to partner up with a buddy and get a shuttle and our partner had to hit to us and we had to put the racket in between our legs and hit it the shuttle to our partner, they had to do the same thing. It was quiet fun doing it but it was really hard.

Our skills were put to a game of badminton. It was really simple and easy. I was really exited about playing the actual game. I got a few hits, and I was really happy.

 Badminton was really fun and it was really fun learning
all the skills. Next time we play Badminton I hope pick up some more skills on the way

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maths Whizz

This is a picture of were I am at in maths whizz. If you don't know what maths whizz is, well it is a website that you learn maths and want to improve. It gives you question's to awnser and then you get credit's for getting them right.