Friday, March 18, 2011

How to pitch a tent

The equipment you need are :
guy rope

How to pitch a tent.

Step 1:Unpack the tent carefully and make sure all the equipment that you need are in the bag.
Step 2: Lay the inner tent flat (ensure that the doorway is facing the right way).
Step 3: Taut the base from each corner then hammer the pegs about 45 angle ,so it’s not lose .
Step 4: Then take the poles out of the bag( there are 3 poles in the bag )and two of them go over the interior ,make sure you stick the poles together because there elastic. Don’t forget to tie the top to the poles.
Step 5: Then put the fly over the interior then peg the guy ropes on the sides.
Step 6: Then check everything so it’s not lose and hopefully you’ve finished and your tent will look like the picture above you .

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