Friday, June 10, 2011


“Yeah” I said. Room 20 were finally having some time out on our work and going outside and having a bit of p.e (netball). When we got a bit closer I noticed a lady standing there with a bag of balls. We then sat down and the lady introduced herself to us and her name was Emma our netball coach. Emma was here to teach us netball skills and how to play netball the proper way.

The first thing we were taught was throwing the ball properly.The first skill Emma told us was to hold the ball in a ‘W’ way and it didn’t matter if your fingers were touching or not touching, she also told us to make sure the was ball thrown from your chest long and strong.

Our final session was playing a game of netball!!! We were spilt into two teams. Half wore bibs and the other half didn’t. I was in the one that didn’t wear bibs. Finally the time came where we put our skills to the test and started our game. It was fun running around and trying to shoot the ball in the hoop. Our team got a few goals but I didn’t quite figure out who won.

I had so much fun learning how to play netball and I hope Emma will teach us some more skills and new games to play.


  1. Kia Ora Hajira. What a wonderful piece of writing! I am enjoying seeing you blog so much more frequently this year. You have interesting things to share AND I notice the improvement in your writing. You are so lucky to have a netball coach who trains everyone, not just the people in the team. I think I would have been a much better player if I had had that opportunity! Make the most of it.

    Mrs Burt

  2. The planning paid off didn't it Hajira. I am so glad you enjoyed the Netball so much, it was great to see you giving it a go.
    Keep posting Hajira it's great to hear your voice on your blog.
    Mrs Nua


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