Friday, September 3, 2010

Jesse Martin's trip sailing around theworld

Who is Jesse Martin ? Jesse Martin is a 17 year old teenager who dreamed to sail around the world . He dreamed of it when he was 14 and he planned a little too when he was 14 .

He experienced all sorts of weather when he was sailing around the world. Jesse’s boat had a few knock downs and storms .His boats name was Loin Heart . He was also frustrated by the lack of wind . He wanted to get home quickly but he couldn't because there was not enough

Jesse’s Mother got on a boat and went all the way where her son was . They were so happy to see each other but she couldn't hop on the boat and have a chat . Guess what ? They only talked for 45 minutes .

When Jesse arrived , there were people on boats , airplanes and lots of people to congratulate Jesse Martin .His Mother was so happy to see him . All of the people could not believe it , he came back safe .

I think Jesse Martin is great because he is brave and has willpower . He made his dream come true and he achieved his goal by not giving up .

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