Friday, July 30, 2010


What is fasting ? Fasting is when all the Muslim people do not eat or drink during the day. They break the fast when it is a little dark,then they pray five times first three then two. (Muslims prayers are different than other people.) How do they know when Ramadan is over you ask ? They know when it's over when they see the new moon , that's when the festival begins. Guess what? On the first day of Eid children get lot's of money, pretty cool. The lady's also put some henna on their hands. They make beautiful patterns. What is henna? Henna is made out of henna leaves. Fasting is very hard but once you get used to it , it's very easy.

These are henna leaves.

This is Hajj. One of the biggest mosqe.Musilm from all the world come here to pray to god. This is a girl with henna on her hands.
This is a praying mat.


  1. Wow what an interesting blog about your culture Hajira. I was amazed at how big the Muslim temple was. Also it sounds like fasting is a hard thing to do, might be too hard for me do you think?
    Keep up the interesting blogs

    Matua Wyllis

  2. Hi its me mui, I never really never knew what henna was when you told me but now I know. Well Done. Hope to see some - more of your posts


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