Wednesday, March 24, 2010

About my country

Hi my name is Hajira and I am from Afghanistan. Afghanistan is were I'm from but my family live in Pakistan.
One thing I don't like about Pakistan is water and dirt , water in Pakistan is dirty and it tastes yuck! The best thing I like is my family. When I went to Pakistan we had a big PARTY , everybody was so happy that we'd finaly come.

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  1. Hi Hajira, I was very happy to see you post about your country. What a great idea to include a map so we can learn more about where you come from. You are well travelled if you have been to Afghanistan, Pakistan and New Zealand. The closest I have been to your country(s) is flying over them on my way to Dubai - but the plane was way too high up to see anything :) Please keep sharing your work with us.
    Mrs Burt


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